Individual Resilience, Wellbeing and Health

Dealing With Overwhelm

Today’s world does not run in a way which our brains were built to handle. This one hour workshop doesn’t just talk about the need for rest (we know that is important) but practical tips on how to get it, and more importantly, understanding the drivers which will not let us rest so well!

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness (Qual)

Introduction to Wellbeing and Resilience in the Workplace

How to Manage Workplace Stress, Uncertainty and Worry

This course offers support with managing short and long-term stress and some useful ways to relate to uncertainty.

Healthy Habit Building for Success

Habits are key to our health and wellbeing with our brain creating short-cuts which don’t always serve us. Learn how to painlessly create habits for success.

The Mindfulness, the Power of Now

This course introduces some easy steps to greater mindfulness for busy people.

Thriving in the Workplace from the New Science of Positive Psychology

This course introduces key concepts to make the workplace happier from Positive Psychology – the science of human thriving.

The Basics of Sleep - Part One

Good sleep can transform our wellbeing. This short training explains why and will help address those areas within our control, which can bring us better sleep.

Sleep and Shift Working - Part Two

Preventing and Managing Burnout

This course trains delegates to recognise the signs of burnout, to understand the risk factors, and to prevent and recover from it.

Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing is understanding your relationship with money so that you can manage this in a way that increases happiness and confidence, rather than create stress and anxiety. 

The Menopause - Breaking the Taboo

Menopausal women make up the fastest growing demographic in the workplace and 1 in 4 consider leaving their positions due to symptoms such as brain fog, lack of confidence and increased inferiority complex.

Neurodiversity Awareness

This course aims to demystify the term Neurodiversity, as well as to look at how as humans and in our workplaces, we can harness difference more effectively.

Fitness and Nutrition - Your Best Self

Maintaining Resilience through Change

This course aims to provide people with the tools to not disappear down an anxious rabbit hole, but to acknowledge their feelings and then look at where they have control and influence.

Looking Back on Difficulties and Creating New Beginnings - Post Traumatic Growth

Avoiding Loneliness

Loneliness is a risk factor comparable to smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure. In this webinar, we discuss the importance of social relationships and how to create confidence to build social connections.

Women's Health and Mental Health

This course helps individuals and organisations understand what women’s health and mental health is, and how we can look after it.

Self Compassion and Forgiveness at Work