Women’s Health And Mental Health

Empower your well-being with Healthy Work Company’s Women’s Health and Mental Health course, a transformative journey designed exclusively for women. In a nurturing and supportive environment, this program delves deep into the unique intersection of women’s health and mental well-being. We understand the intricate balance between physical health, mental resilience, and the challenges women face daily.

Led by experienced specialists, this course explores holistic approaches to women’s health, addressing issues such as hormonal balance, stress management, and self-care tailored to women’s bodies and minds. Through interactive sessions, yoga, mindfulness practices, and open discussions, you’ll learn effective coping strategies, stress reduction techniques, and self-compassion exercises specifically crafted for the female experience.

Our mission is to foster a sense of community, encouraging open dialogue and empowering women to prioritise their health and mental well-being. By the end of the course, you’ll not only have a deeper understanding of your body and mind but also a toolkit of practical skills to enhance your overall quality of life. Join us at Healthy Work Company and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic health, mental resilience, and lasting well-being. Embrace your strength, nurture your spirit, and thrive as the empowered woman you are. Enrol now to invest in your health and happiness.

Available as:

  • Face to face or online
  • Interactive workshop – maximum 20 participants, duration 90 minutes
  • Lunch ‘n’ learn – unlimited participants, duration 60 minutes

What does the "Women's Health and Mental Health" Course aim to achieve?

Women have higher rates of mental illness, chronic illness and autoimmune illness than men. Despite 52% of the global population being women we spend only 1% of medical research and funding on female-specific conditions. This plays out in higher rates of absence for women and has huge societal impact as women are of then the primary carers for others. Women’s health is rapidly rising up the agenda with the UK government recently publishing its first ‘Women’s Health’ strategy and appointing it’s first Women’s Health Ambassador.

Who is the Course aimed at?

Course Learning Outcomes

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