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I’m a Boss, not a Shrink

Practical Guide to Manager Wellbeing Conversations

“I’m a Boss, not a Shrink: Practical Guide to Manager Wellbeing Conversations” was launched on 19th September and was a best seller in three categories in 24 hours. You can buy it from Amazon on the link or email us for a bulk purchase for your managers.

The reason for this is clear. This is a difficult, but needed conversation which managers everywhere can struggle with.

You’re picking up signs that someone in your team isn’t themselves.

You suspect they are struggling with something – you don’t know if its personal, work-related (or you!).

As their manager, you want to do the right thing. But you’re balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the person, there is always too much to do, and, let’s be honest, conversations like this are tricky. AND you’ve just not been trained in how to handle them!

Failing to have these conversations can be a real business problem.

I'm a boss not a shrink book

I’m a Boss, not a Shrink will teach managers:

The job of people management in an organisation has got more challenging in this period of huge social change. Good conversations about wellbeing are essential to the most valuable asset of any organisation: its people.

Score yourself on your ability to manage your team's wellbeing!


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