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I am Heather Beach the founder of Healthy Work Company and a wellbeing expert, here’s a little introduction to the work we do….

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Let us help you create and deliver measurable wellbeing programmes that people love and make a difference.

We know that a rise in mental health issues and burnout – the people risks – are having a detrimental impact on businesses around the world. 

We also know that creating a healthy and sustainable business means tackling these risks at a systemic level (they often get put into the “too-hard” box). To do this properly, you need to work with people who take the time to get to know your business. 

Heather is a best-selling author and global speaker who works closely with organisations to create practical measurable wellbeing strategies and personalised training. 

She wants to make work, work better for everyone.

We know improved wellbeing is the key to your success

The stronger your organisation’s culture of prioritising wellbeing the stronger, more resilient and profitable your business.

While most people see considering their team’s wellbeing as the right thing to do, many businesses struggle to translate this into measurable, meaningful action in the workplace. They tend to focus on sticking plasters rather than systemic change. So this is where we step in.

How we help you:

Build foundations:

Undertake organisational stress risk assessments support you in creating your measurable strategy for wellbeing 

Work together:

Using our expertise, evidence (and a little charm) we support you getting commitment from your senior teams

Train and innovate:

Inspiring keynote speeches  and tailored training using exciting engagement tools like Forum Theatre

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Measure strategies:

Helping you improve productivity and happiness reflected in RIO

What we offer:

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Where did it all start?

Heather Beach founded Healthy Work Company in 2017 after a successful career as a global director of a FTSE 250 company where she ran health and safety businesses and managed teams, big and small.

Approachable, authentic and an expert, Heather is the perfect ally to unite everyone, from the shop floor through to the boardroom.

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