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How wellbeing and ESG fit together

Ever wondered what ESG actually is and how wellbeing fits into it? Interested in following developments in this field which is of key interest to Investors, Regulators and Boards? This panel debate features renowned experts on this topic – Maria Fe Aguilar Lynch and Francesca Viliani from International SOS and Robina McCann, a CMO who uses ESG in her strategy and reporting for wellbeing.

How AI can support HR, Health and Safety and Wellbeing Professionals

If, like me, you like your technology well packaged and easy to use and would rather wait and see than get involved in the bleeding edge then I promise this webinar is for you.  The likes of you and I will be left behind unless we embrace this enormous revolution in content creation.  Involved in producing newsletters, toolbox talks, presentations, awareness raising, videos? Need to summarise aspects of the law regularly?  Phil Bradley is a world expert in AI and he will take us through it gently!

A workshop on how we deal with the key stress risk factor of job demands

All the wellbeing programmes in the world, all the awareness raising you do about mental health and wellbeing, just won’t make any difference if we continue to drive our workforces into the ground.  Tim Sismey is an expert in work design and problem solving so we are going to put you in breakout rooms and we are going to come up with some things which are within our control and influence relating to job demands (the key stress risk factor!).

Past Events

Helping your Managers create a culture of care through wellbeing conversations

After this session you’ll be able to equip your managers with an understanding of:

  • The importance of human connection to wellbeing
  • The why. Why should conversations on wellbeing even be on their agenda
  • The tools they need to create psychological safety
  • How to initiate, and have, employee wellbeing conversations, without fear or discomfort

Neurodiversity Awareness

How can we harness difference in our workplace more effectively?  We all have a friend, family member or colleague diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD or autism.  The label originally focused on autism and in more recent years it has been used to describe those who think, behave, and learn differently to what is typical in society. 

This course has been developed for a client to run for several sessions over Neurodiversity Awareness Week in March. You may also want to offer it in your workplace!

Legal Issues in a Hybrid World

Hybrid working brings so many benefits, but also new challenges for organisations with EDI, with culture and engagement and also with logistics and working methods.

This webinar looks at the legal challenges by bringing together an HR Lawyer – Pam Loch (Loch Associates), with a health and safety lawyer, Amy Sadro (Eversheds Sutherland).

We will look at questions such as:

– Fire marshalls and first aiders – can we insist that some of these come into workplaces and are we covered if they don’t!

– If someone doesn’t have an appropriate place to work at home, can we insist they come into the office?

– Where do we stand if someone refuses to come into the office?

– Can we take payments away for e.g. London waiting
And many other issues…..!

Introduction to Suicide First Aid

Following World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th – the theme is “Creating hope through action” and we are encouraging as many people as possible to take action – to learn to spot the signs of someone struggling and intervene in a way that helps them get the help they need, before they arrive at a point where they feel completely overwhelmed, desperate and hopeless.

Every single one of us can make a difference in preventing death by suicide – how we speak about it, our attitude towards it, our ability to know what to say and what NOT to say to someone who might be struggling with difficult thoughts.

This 60 minute online session is designed as a taster of the half day which our tutor, Andrea Newton can provide within your organisation.

Andrea is not only experienced and qualified but very down to earth, and over the years she has worked with a wide variety of individuals and industries, from construction to emergency services, from NHS to motorway patrol staff.

She will help you understand the difference YOU can make, whatever your role, responsibility or relationship.

An Engaging Overview of 45003

Featuring Kate Field of BSI and Peter Kelly of HSE.

“The BEST webinar on 45003 I have been to” (a delegate)