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Safety Thirst

If you struggle to get to the big networking opportunities and would love to connect with Women in Health and Safety in your area, then we recommend attending or running a Safety Thirst event.

Informal, non-commercial (you buy your own drinks and snacks) we have held half a dozen so far and more are planned.

Contact wihs@healthy-working.com for more info on how to run one.

Why are women not bothering with Fellowship? #PutaPinInIt

Within IOSH only 1% of the membership are fellows and within this narrow band, the gender imbalance sits at 20% female and 80% male. 

Stuart Hughes, current IOSH president has committed not to wear his Fellowship pin until the gender imbalance is removed. 50/50, parity, equity.  

This webinar will look at understanding the barriers to fellowship for females.

Past Events

How to Build Your Resilience; bounce back, thrive and flourish!

Our host Nicki Crayfourd, Accredited Coach & Trusted Advisor at Art of Work Solutions, delves into choosing courage over comfort to thrive on positive stress and avoid distress.

Discover simple coping strategies to navigate and emerge from stressful situations with your wellbeing intact. This interactive webinar equips you with tools to bounce back from life’s challenges, tap into your inner optimist, and create necessary boundaries for personal resilience. Enhance your ability to flourish and thrive with practical techniques from this engaging session.

Strategic Safety: The Key to Productivity, Retention, and Legal Resilience

Are you tackling harassment and aggression effectively? During this webinar, our hosts Arad Parsi and Freddie McGrath teach you how to create a safer and more positive work environment for your employees.

Alongside The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, Peopelsafe discuss the growing challenge of harassment and aggression in the workplace, offering practical solutions to equip your organisation and employees in effectively challenging harassment. The webinar explores the impact of hybrid work on employee perspectives regarding travel and safety, and highlights the role of technology in enhancing personal safety. Gain valuable insights that can protect your employees, improve productivity, retention, and mitigate legal risks associated with inadequate safety measures.

The Self-Worth Revolution

Join us as we learn how to go from self-doubt to unshakable self-worth!

The second webinar in our three-part series, You and Your career, will focus on The Self-Worth Revolution and how to overcome self-doubt and lead with confidence.

Get ready to be inspired, as we welcome the award-winning global speaker and best-selling author, Lis Cashin, to our webinar. For over 20 years, Lis has transformed the lives of thousands of women around the world with her powerful 121 sessions, retreats, talks, and programs.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Join us for the grand finale of our three-part webinar series. Brace yourself for an exciting and empowering session on Breaking the Glass Ceiling, hosted by Dr. Shurene Bishop Simon.

No matter where you are in your career journey – whether you’re a student, starting a new job, or an experienced professional – this webinar is designed to benefit you at every life stage.

We all know that breaking through the barriers that impede personal and professional growth can be a challenge. Get ready to dig deep, as we explore real-life case studies, including personal stories from the presenter.

Imposter Syndrome

The first webinar of the You and Your Career series, hosted by Nicki Crayfourd – Coach & Mentor at Art of Work Solutions Ltd.

Focusing on Imposter Syndrome, Nicki will guide us through the journey of understanding and overcoming Imposter Syndrome, a phenomenon that affects many successful professionals. During this interactive webinar, you’ll learn practical tools and strategies that will help you channel your feelings of imposter syndrome into something more positive, such as self-growth and greater self-confidence. Gain valuable tools and techniques to manage self-doubt and increase your confidence.

Disability in the Workplace

The aim of this webinar will be to raise awareness and get people thinking differently about disability in the workplace.

We will be looking at:

  • Definitions of disability
  • The legal position when managing people with a disability
  • The types of reasonable adjustments which may make sense
  • The rationale for employing disabled people 
  • The types of things which organisations can do which make life better

Strategies for Single Parents - for Individuals and Organisations

In the UK there are around 1.8m single parents (making up nearly a quarter of families with dependent children) in addition to those parents who are within a co-parenting arrangement, but who still do a disproportionate amount of the day-to-day childcare. 
Juggling work and family life Is difficult for all working parents, but for employees heading single parent households, striking a balance is even more challenging.

This webinar featuring experienced Olivia Tusler and Crystal Danbury and a career coach – Charlotte Jarrett- Badman discusses the challenges and strategies for individuals and organisations

Women in Health and Safety: Gender and Mental Health

Louise Hosking (IOSH president-elect) – Opportunities with IOSH

WIHS event - Menopause and Perimenopause

Explaining the changes occurring for women during this life transition. Discussing symptoms, self-management, and when to seek help.

Bought to you by VHK Education and Gateway HSW Consultants, as part of the WIHS network.

Psychological Safety and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to the creation of Psychological Safety.

This session was run on 22 April 2022 and was jointly run by Women in Health and Safety and Eversheds Sutherland.

It was facilitated by Amy Sadro and featured Peter Kelly from HSE, Kate Field and Sally Swingewood from BSI.

Suicide in the Workplace: a WIHS webinar (June 2022)

A complex and difficult subject – this webinar features Professor Sarah Waters (expert in suicide in the workplace) and Mary Lawrence (H&S legal expert) and discusses the issue of suicide in the workplace and compares the system in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

How to support women, their health and mental health in the workplace

This video features Amy McKeown, women’s health expert and is facilitated by Amy Sadro, Eversheds Sutherland.