The Basics of Sleep - Part One

Good sleep can transform our wellbeing. This short training explains why and will help address those areas within our control, which can bring us better sleep

Available as:

  • Interactive workshop – maximum 20 participants , duration 90 minutes
  • Lunch ‘n’ learn – no maximum participant numbers, duration 60 minutes
  • Animated video voiced by professional actors with homework sheet –  duration 25 minutes (for your intranet or as part of the healthy work vault)
  • SCORM file – E-learning module for your learning management system

What does the Course aim to achieve?

This course comes with a sleep plan for participants to complete and can be linked to your policies and procedures.

It teaches participants about the dangers of not getting enough sleep – not only to our physical and mental health but also leading to compromised safety.

It looks at the areas we can control when it comes to getting good sleep – such as the light, our routine, our physical environment, and supports with managing our mind.

We can significantly improve wellbeing, productivity, and creativity by taking relatively simple steps to improve our sleep which is within our control.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding of:

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