Neurodiversity Awareness

Designed For:

Anyone / Peer-to-Peer




60 Minutes

No. of Delegates


Available as:

  • Lunch ‘n’ learn –  unlimited participants, duration 60 minutes

What does the Course aim to achieve?

The term Neurodiverse originally focused on autism and in more recent years it has been used to describe those who think, behave and learn differently from what is typical in society.

This webinar discusses whether neurodiverse conditions may be considered a superpower or whether they are indeed, disabling.

There is a reference to some of the reasonable adjustments that can be put into place to help those with Neurodiverse conditions cope well in the workplace and with a better understanding from colleagues.

The course is accompanied by a PDF which outlines the information covered and further references.

Learning Outcomes

The learner will have knowledge of:

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