Avoiding Loneliness

The importance of social connections

Available as:

  • Interactive workshop – maximum 20 participants, duration 90 minutes
  • Lunch ‘n’ learn – unlimited participants, duration 60 minutes
  • PowerPoint video with homework sheet – duration 25 minutes (for your intranet or as part of the healthy work vault)

What does the Course aim to achieve?

Close relationships with other people have more of an impact on our physical health and longevity than even our genes do. Satisfying relationships can extend our life by up to 22 percent according to some research! That makes loneliness a risk factor comparable to smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Now that many of us are able to work at home or in a hybrid environment, with all the advantages that go with that, we need to a) ensure that we manage work/life balance proactively and b) ensure that we make effort to prioritise some form of social activity – which occurs so naturally in a working environment.

Learning Outcomes

In this webinar we discuss:

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