Managers and Senior Managers

Manager Training

Score yourself on your ability to manage your team's wellbeing!

Managing Wellbeing Conversations

Giving your managers the tools and confidence to beat stress and drive engagement in their teams.

The latest stats (2022) show that sickness absence driven by stress and anxiety is at its highest level yet.  Our workforces are struggling with the demands of their work as well as those of managing their home lives. Stress, uncertainty and worry are being driven by the aftermath of Covid and a global financial crisis.

Healthy Work for Your Leadership Team

This course is designed to get your board on board with you and your wellbeing strategy. It ensures that they understand the business case (moral, legal and financial), how good wellbeing is a relational concept, and the role they play in ensuring it.

Managing Conversations about the Menopause

Highfield Mental Health Awareness for Managers (Qual)

Gain an internationally recognised Highfield qualification, in managing wellbeing in your team(s).

Train the Trainer - Managing Wellbeing Conversations

Anyone can get better at having a wellbeing conversation. This course trains your internal trainers to deliver using the Healthy Work ‘ABC’ method.

Fostering Psychological Safety in the Workplace

This course aims to create the link between good business management and the creation of psychological safety. That psychological safety is intrinsic to management of risk as well as creativity, connection and productivity.

Managing Change

This course is meant for organisations going through significant change such as a merger or major restructure.