Managing Wellbeing Conversations

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People Managers


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4 hours (low risk industry), 6 hours (hazardous industry)

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Workplace Culture Training

Giving your managers the tools and confidence to beat stress and drive engagement in their teams

Score yourself on your ability to manage your team's wellbeing!

The latest stats (2022) show that sickness absence driven by stress and anxiety is at its highest level yet.  Our workforces are struggling with the demands of their work as well as those of managing their home lives. Stress, uncertainty and worry are being driven by the aftermath of Covid and a global financial crisis.

Of all the things we can do to tackle wellbeing in organisations “Interesting work, relationships and flexibility” are the top drivers of employee wellbeing.  The top risk factors for stress in organisations are overwhelming job demands and poor management.

This makes the role of line managers in your organisation pivotal.

Yet often managers have been promoted for their technical skill set rather than their people skills. 

And, we often bury our head in the sand, knowing that we “should” have specific wellbeing conversations with people struggling, but avoid them, hoping the problem will go away….

Group of three people in business attire with their heads buried in the sand in the style of an ostrich. The background features a desert.
Two construction workers dressed in orange high-visibility vests sit on scaffolding, chatting and eating.

If you want to drive engagement, beat stress and create safe environments where critical manager wellbeing conversations can be had – invest in your managers, providing them with tools and confidence to truly lead for wellbeing as well as for performance.

Prevention is better than cure – this workplace culture training course enables participants to:

Logistics and other options

For high and low risk industries, this course is optimally delivered face to face for up to 30 participants, but it can also be delivered online for up to 20.

This course can be delivered over between 4 and 6 hours dependent on scope. It is ALWAYS tailored to you.

For high risk industries we can include such things as fatigue management and there is the optional inclusion of Forum theatre.  Forum Theatre uses actors to enable the audience to powerfully see for themselves the difference between a situation handled badly and a situation handled well. 

When held, online camera and mic is required.

There is an optional exam-based qualification through Highfield. 

The four steps of wellbeing conversations for managers. Step one is to be aware, assess and ask. Step two is to be present. Step three is to co-create a plan and the final step is to consider your duties.

Heather Beach, founder of the Healthy Work Company, has written this latest version of the course based on having trained thousands of managers from around the world.  She has worked with organisations such as ITV, The Telegraph, Eurostar, Mace Harper Collins, Abel and Cole, Kuehne and Nagel.

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