Managing Change

Available as:

  • Face to face or online
  • Interactive workshop – maximum 20 participants, duration 90 minutes

What does the Course aim to achieve?

This course is meant for organisations going through significant change such as a merger or major restructure.

This course is preceded by the course for individuals on how to maintain their resilience through change which managers should also attend, and is for managers to review the (anonymous) feedback from that session, allowing managers to review their approach to the imminent change and for us to review some best practice guidelines around managing change the most important being the need for one to one communication and great listening skills.

Learning Outcomes

Resilience Through Change

Our “Maintaining Resilience Through Change” course paves the way for “Managing Change.” The “Maintaining Resilience Through Change” course is recommended for managers and individuals to attend in conjunction with this course. This preliminary course equips individuals with the resilience to face change head-on. It aims to provide people with the tools to not disappear down an anxious rabbit hole and help individuals acknowledge their feelings and then look at where they have control and influence.

Together, these courses empower teams to explore their options and foster a positive outlook on the future. Teams leave these sessions more understanding of their options, and more positive about the possibilities moving forward. Get ready to embrace transformation with confidence.

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