Healthy Work for Your Leadership Team

Designed For:

Boards, Heads of Department, Senior Management


Online or F2F


2 Hours

No. of Delegates

Up to 12

Senior Management Team Training

Ensure you and your board are speaking the same language when it comes to workplace wellbeing

What does the Course aim to achieve?

This course is designed to get your board on board with you and your wellbeing strategy. It ensures that they understand the business case (moral, legal, and financial), how good wellbeing is a relational concept, and the role they play in ensuring it.

It looks at their importance in setting the tone. and in role modeling.

Note this training programme can be followed up by a further facilitated session where we look at and advise on your strategy.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding of:

All of our courses, including this course designed for managers and senior managers, covering how to get your board on board with you and your wellbeing strategy, can be delivered face to face but have also been optimised for webinar delivery. Whether online or face to face, they are highly interactive and engaging allowing as much experiential training as possible – with exercises to deepen the learning for your leaders, managers and teams participating in the course. Click here to view all our available courses.

We also have a thriving Facebook group community (as well as our normal Facebook page) which has lively discussions about what healthy work actually is for each of us! Click here to join our Facebook Page.

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