Peer to Peer Mental Health Support

Highfield First Aid for Mental Health (Qual)

Wellbeing Conversations

Having a conversation with someone struggling and signposting them to further specialist support is a skill we can all get better at – and not the domain of the specialist. This course supports you to gain confidence in starting those conversations, in non-judgmental listening and in signposting for further support.

This is generally run as a two part series with part one being Introduction to wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.


CPD for Mental Health First Aiders and Wellbeing Champs

This course, preceded by a survey, consists of a debrief of what is going well and where participants struggle with aspects of the role; a closer look at one or two of the key aspects (depending on results from the survey this could be something like supporting remote workers or boundaries of the role) and some CPD on a wellbeing related topic.

Suicide First Aid - Lite

This course will increase your understanding of this sensitive subject and feel more confident in having a conversation to help someone get the help they need.

Suicide First Aid

Equip someone with the skills and knowledge to be able to confidently handle a direct conversation with someone having thoughts of suicide and help them get the help they need. Learn how to co-create a safety plan, how and where to signpost and the importance of self care in dealing with such matters.

Train the Trainer - Highfield First Aid for Mental Health

Gain an internationally recognised Highfield qualification, and the capacity to deliver First Aid for Mental Heath training globally.

Train the Trainer - Wellbeing Conversations

Anyone can get better at having a wellbeing conversation. This course trains your internal trainers to deliver using the Healthy Work ‘ABC’ method.