Should I Put Mental Health First Aid in Place?

If you have not put mental health first aid in place yet and are not sure whether to or not, we created this decision making tool to support organisations:

First Aid for Mental Health Toolkit

Whilst this toolkit refers to the course which we run with Highfield Qualifications (a global qualification in First Aid for Mental Health), these considerations apply to whichever peer to peer course you are considering.  We offer MHFA England courses, Highfield qualifications and a 2-hour peer to peer conversations for wellbeing course.

The types of considerations you could have are:

  • Should my managers also be first aiders or could this conflict with their manager duties?
  • Do I want to select or take volunteers?
  • What information do I need to collect on interactions with first aiders?

If you want to talk this through with us please get in touch!