Stress Risk Assessment

HSE Management Standards for Stress

Designed for everyone within your organisation, this course focuses on the Management Standards for Stress, set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The Standards represent a set of best practices for management teams, covering six key areas of work design that when implemented into organisations reduce the risk of poor health, lower productivity and increased accident and sickness absence rates within your workforce.

Over the duration of this course, we assess your current situation using your latest surveys and data and teach you how to gather new data for the purpose of a stress risk assessment. Finally, we compile the data together and work collaboratively to create your stress risk assessment in line with the guidelines set out in the HSE Management Standards for Stress.

This course is available as:
  • Face to face or online
  • Interactive workshop – half day

What does the Course aim to achieve?

We either use a collaborative train the trainer approach here, or run these ourselves on your behalf.

This course is designed for everyone/peer-to-peer and is a facilitated workshop or series of workshops in which we review your latest HR Engagement survey/wellbeing survey and data from any other feedback loops and run employee forums/train you to run employee forums to gather data for a stress risk assessment.

We then work collaboratively to work through mitigation, timelines and responsibilities and to create your stress risk assessment.

We have a prepopulated spreadsheet to support here.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review of current feedback loops
  • Facilitated sessions with employees
  • Stress risk assessment creation together with mitigation

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