Samantha Langford MSc.

How Sam describes herself:  Smiley, Approachable, Passionate, 

Superpowers:  Sam is tenacious, and doesn’t easily give up on things she believes in.   

Strengths:  Supporting and empowering others 

Random Fact: Sam is a book binder in her spare time, making beautiful stationery for friends and family (who often say they are too good to actually use!).  

Work History  

Sam has twenty years’ experience in public service, working for the police, immigration, prisons, and civil service. After two years working for the Home Office in Immigration, Sam was a Crime Scene Investigator for 10 years, including the final two in Bermuda. On return to the UK, Sam worked in Offender Learning, before joining the police oversight body (IOPC), training civilian investigators. While in this role, Sam developed a passion for Workplace Health and Wellbeing completing the NEBOSH national certificate in the Management of Workplace Health and Wellbeing. Shortly before completion of her Masters degree in Workplace Health and Wellbeing, Sam became the Health and Wellbeing advisor for the UK branch of an international Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company.     

Sam is a member of the Leadership Team of the Let’s Improve Workplace Wellbeing CIC, where she is the lead on Bereavement in the workplace, sharing her own personal experiences, and helping members support employees in their organisations.