Alistair Clamp

Alistair smiles as he lunges, steadying himself on the railing of a bridge

Alistair Clamp’s Biography

How Alistair describes himself: Energetic, confident, occasionally funny

Superpowers: Being able to breakdown complex financial things into more simple, clear and attainable nuggets of information to help people build their financial confidence. Alistair is an Independent Financial Planner holding the Chartered status from the London Institute of Banking and Finance. Alistair is also part of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing – heading up their workplace proposition to help employees better understand their relationship with money and how this ties in with overall happiness

Strengths: Being able to make finance fun and something people actually want to talk about

Random Fact: In his spare time, Alistair’s a Trustee for the ‘Amakuru Trust’ which is a charity aiming to alleviate poverty in Rwanda. He also runs ‘The Money Movement’ with his friends, which provides free personal finance guidance to younger people. Formula One also features highly on the schedule