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Sylvia Fielding

How Sylvia describes herself: Questioning, considerate, empathetic

Superpowers:  Sylvia has written and published her own book called ‘The Agony of Apostrophes’ and is a Queen of Grammar

Strengths: Given her superpowers, it comes as no surprise that Sylvia is an excellent proofreader and copywriter

Random Fact: In her spare time Sylvia plays French Horn in a local band, is a keen gardener and a fantastic cook – her infamous mini quiches and coleslaw receive much praise!


Work History

Sylvia began her career in Human Resources with The BOC Group, specialising in Learning and Development. After 12 years she moved on to the role of Manager, Professional Development in Sun Professional Services, the consulting arm of Sun Microsystems, leading a team of Professional Development Managers. The PDMs, who were not part of the HR function, worked alongside the line managers and their teams to facilitate learning and development through the entire employment lifecycle, ensuring that everyone had a positive psychological contract with the organisation. The role encompassed the entire range of L&D activities, as well as confidential one-to-one support, career counselling and coaching.

Sylvia then went on to work as a Consultant for the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) conducting in-depth accreditation assessments across a broad range of learning/training organisations and internal L&D departments. The role involved not only the assessment itself but also the provision of advice and recommendations for process improvements.

After 10 years with the LPI, she moved into a part-time role with UBM (Barbour EHS) as an editorial assistant in the field of Health, Safety and the Environment. Sylvia now works with us as a contractor providing her valuable services in fulfillment and proofreading.

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