Louise Hopkins

How Louise describes herself: Pragmatic problem-solver, honest, positive

Superpowers:  Be careful not to upset Louise as she is currently working towards her brown belt in Judo!

Strengths: Louise is a problem solver that loves to use her lateral thinking to find solutions to people’s problems

Random Fact: Another band member? Louise loves to sing in her spare time!


Work History

Louise Hopkins is our Business Solutions Specialist. With over 15 years experience providing business solutions to organisations of all sizes, globally.

Louise started her career supporting health and safety professionals to access legal advice and safety guidance followed by working as a senior account manager for one of the UK’s top legal advisors within health, safety and employment law, identifying gaps in leadership training and securing tribunal support through working closely with a team of safety experts,  barristers and solicitors.

Louise understands the financial opportunities and challenges businesses face to meet their moral, legal and financial obligations. Most importantly, Louise understands that one size does not fit all and your people are unique.

With her background supporting business owners, safety professionals, learning & development and HR teams, Louise will work with you to understand your current health culture and where you sit in meeting your legal obligations. As part of the Healthy Work Company and with the support of our trainers and specialist in wellbeing, Louise will work with you to identify the right solution that aligns itself to your wellbeing strategy, reflects your company values and has proven success.

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