Strategy & Consultancy

We provide you with pragmatic strategic support.

Whilst we have a model for wellbeing strategy, we are informed by your culture, your priorities and often work with your existing engagement questionnaires to gain a benchmark.  We can also provide you with a wellbeing questionnaire and manage the feedback process for you.

If you don’t need a full wellbeing strategy, we will advise you free of charge on your legal responsibilities and your training plan – including how you embed mental health first aid in your organisation.

  • Wellbeing strategy
  • Wellbeing questionnaires
  • Board presentations
  • Mental Health training strategy

The health and safety profession is perfectly positioned to lead and influence the organisation’s wellbeing strategy, using the lessons already learnt from managing and directing safety.

At The Healthy Work Company we can provide you with a step-by-step approach which is tailored for your organisation, uses employee engagement and shows quick wins along the way.

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helping you achieve

wellbeing in the workplace

We believe that having a company where people are healthy, happy and engaged should be the underlying purpose of any wellbeing programme. To address this needs an acknowledgement of the interdependence of three factors – the organisation, the quality of management, and the wellbeing and resilience of individuals.

We work on one, two or all three areas with businesses worldwide, such as ITV, Mace, Givaudan, Nestle, Luton Airport and Game.

We support you in building your strategy and can deliver training for your teams, your managers and your SMT.

In our model, wellbeing is a relational concept – driven by three areas:

1) By organisational issues (understanding stress risk factors and using appreciative investigation techniques to understand what works well)

2) By managers knowing how to lead a team which thrives and how to address individuals struggling

3) Individuals’ own understanding of resilience and how to manage difficult circumstances in their lives.

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