We launch our NEW Healthy Work programme

Connection in difficult times…

At the Healthy Work Company, we have watched the professionals in our communities working incredibly hard, partnerships emerging between health and safety and HR, and a new appreciation of the importance of safeguarding our wellbeing emerging. (As well as a new appreciation for what health and safety professionals actually do!)


During the lockdown, we conducted research to understand how the pandemic was impacting the mental health of the nation. What we found fascinating was that whilst 1 in 3 people was struggling in lockdown, 1 in 4 people had better mental health than usual! These respondents talked about having more time, spending less money, and being able to reconnect with people and activities that mattered to them. All of this is what we should aim to hang on to right?!

So, what now?

We really feel that now is the time to make a big difference. That people are now much more open to understanding that our own mental health and resilience is something we can’t take for granted. Organisations are appreciating the importance of manager training in emotionally intelligent wellbeing conversations.  But we don’t think those things are truly cracked in one 90-minute course… so we at The Healthy Work Company have developed a brand new programme that anyone can join. 

Delivered live over six weeks with wellbeing assessments throughout plus engaging and interactive sessions, the new programme has been developed for managers and their teams to attend the sessions together (up to 20), with two additional dedicated sessions for managers.

If we want to make a true difference in this field it feels like now or never. Please click here to find out more about the new programmes and get in touch to secure your future wellbeing training.



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