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Managing Healthy Flexible Working Webinar



Duration of Event:

1 hr 30 mins

Guest Speaker:

You are invited to attend a special preview version of our new Managing Healthy Flexible Working webinar on 24th August at 10:00 – 11:30am. We only have 20 spaces available as we will be looking to replicate the experience of being on the course as far as possible. We are offering an opportunity to attend the full course – not a demo version – so that you can fully evaluate it.

There are two versions of this course:
– one aimed at people managers – ‘Managing Healthy Flexible Working’ (which is the version you will be attending).
– one aimed at your teams – ‘Healthy Flexible Working’ (which is also contained within the people managers course. Managers have an extra module, but they are people too!).

Why is this relevant for health and safety and HR people?

This course has been designed to support everyone with the challenges and the opportunities inherent in designing the next phases of dealing with coronavirus and beyond.

It has been designed to take in a longer-term approach to some home working, meaning that you should be training for example on safety at home. This course covers this, as well as other aspects of managing physical and mental health.

Never before has the challenge for organisations, managers and individuals been so great in terms of the management of wellbeing. With almost 40% of people saying lockdown has made them more anxious, “This crisis is going to cause considerable, lasting anxiety for many people”, said Professor Til Wykes of King’s College London. This course moves on from our ‘Healthy Working at Home’ training to look at management of a different “new normal”.

Key facts

– Delivered via GoToTraining (note can be delivered via your favoured technology if delivered for your organisation).
– 90 minutes (with a 5-minute break) – we have added time so that we get more meaningful dialogue and Q&A.
– 20 people maximum attendance – participants on our courses have asked for more time to talk and a slower pace of delivery.
– Tailored to you when we deliver in your organisation (your EAP, your policies).

Key learning outcomes

Whilst these outcomes are knowledge-based some of them encourage participants to initiate self-enquiry into what works for them specifically:

– Workstation and work environment
– Routine and boundaries
– Home safety
– Communication
– Physical and mental health
– Management

Why The Healthy Work Company?

Our specialism is in wellbeing at work. We work with individuals, managers and organisations to support in this area.  We can deliver ourselves or provide you with a short cut to delivering internally. We already work with a number of major organisations globally to do this.

Our webinar training has received a huge satisfaction rating from participants of 4.75/5 – but we are constantly honing!

UPDATE: This webinar is now full, if you want to be added to our waitlist please get in contact!

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