Healthy Flexible Work

Healthy Work Company Flexible Working

In these unprecedented times, a lot of people are going to be thrust into working flexibly who perhaps have only done so on occasion before. These webinars are designed to make the transition as smooth as possible – ensuring they are as productive as possible, whilst safeguarding their mental and physical health.   Understanding safety at […]

Better Conversations for Wellbeing

Healthy Work Company Better Conversations for Wellbeing

This course is designed to offer peer-to-peer support and confidence to have a conversation with someone struggling with their wellbeing, using our ABC mnemonic.  Learning outcomes – knowledge of:  Why do conversations for wellbeing matter? Preparation for a conversation A structure for a conversation about wellbeing A – Awareness B – Be present C – […]

Healthy Working for your SMT

Healthy Work Company

This session has been designed to ensure you and your board are speaking the same language when it comes to wellbeing and why it matters to them and to their organisation. The sessions are tailored to you.  Learning outcomes Knowledge of: The interdependent nature of wellbeing – manager, self, organisation The business case – moral, […]

Managing Healthy Flexible Work

This is part of our management programme which provides a core curriculum in managing wellbeing for anyone with direct reports – i.e. those responsible for managing people.  It is equally applicable to senior managers as it is to middle and more junior managers.  This should be complemented by other training your HR, H&S or L&D […]